Adoption Update – Willow

We adopted our puppy from Magnificent Mutts on June 1 this year. We named her Willow and is doing great!       

Adoption Update for Walter “William” White

Adoption update! Walter “William” White was adopted two years ago. He is the one that was rescued from a meth lab. He has definitely settled in, and he has a boy personality for sure. He loves to dig in the dirt but also loves to lay next to his people. He is happy in his … Continued


I adopted a kitten from you last summer, his name was Laser. I just wanted to share with you a picture of him a year later. He has grown into a sweet and smart kitty. He lovessss playing so I am going to find him a little brother soon so he has someone to play … Continued


Jan (and Dave) Booth here. I thought you’d like to hear about how well Maverick is doing. He has settled in wonderfully and we appreciate and love him more every day. He’s the whole package – smart, inquisitive, energetic (but not manic), affectionate and handsome, to boot. He’s learning how to play in a variety … Continued


Scooter is soooo sweet! He has been at his forever home now for just a couple of days. He is busy looking around and getting used to his new home. He has a high perch in front of a window and spends time checking out the view. Thank you Magnificent Meows!       


Hi !!! We had adopted Worley close to three weeks back from magnificent mutts rescue and when we adopted him the lady asked for updated pictures for the website . He is such an adorable good puppy we are so happy for all of your help and want to thank the rescue!  

Update on Humphrey (previously Harold)

Hello ! I thought I would provide an update on Humphrey (then Harold) who I was lucky enough to adopt in early 2007. Humphrey and I live in Washington, D.C. with his buddy Hamilton (the Coonhound). Humphrey is now 11 and he loves going for long walks, playing with other dogs, and chasing those pesky … Continued

Bix was a Magnificent Mutt !!

Bix was a beautiful black German shepherd with tan paws that I adopted from Magnificent Mutts on April 27, 2011. He was my wonderful companion for six years, until April 3, 2017, when I had to put him to sleep. He was 9+ years old. A man of mystery, because we don’t know what his … Continued


Hi, I just wanted to thank you guys for our little fur ball Luis we decided to keep the name because we thought it was original. Well it’s been amazing to see him grow up and he brings so much happiness into our home. Everyone constantly tells us that you can tell he’s happy with … Continued

Ruby update

We adopted Ruby a few weeks ago. Her new name is Arya (Game of Thrones). She is so loveable and loved by everyone who meets her. She loves her toys and has totally taken over the house.