One day going into our petco for our dogs class, I saw nikki. She was the cutest little thing, and I remeber trying to take a picture of her but she kept looking down at Cinder my dog. The next day we went back to get her, and I just couldn’t wait to care for … Continued

Gandolf update

I just thought I would send an update on Gandalf. He is doing wonderfully well!  He is quite the social butterly of the neighborhood.  All the kids and dogs around love him and look forward to seeing him on our walks, lol! He has me wrapped around his little paw’s and has stolen my heart.  … Continued

November 2016 Volunteer of the Month

  Lozen Brownbear Salter 1. How did you get involved with Magnificent Mutts and what type of volunteer work do you do for the rescue? I met Linda Lattel years ago. Animals are a huge part of my culture as teachers and guides. I saw the great work being done for the animal nation dogs, … Continued

Pepe 1

Pepe came to us at the end of July and is now 7 months old. Other than being shy around human strangers, he is just the sweetest puppy and a great joy in our lives. He has learned to sit and shake hands. He is great around other dogs and loves when our older sons … Continued

Darla – Adopted 2011

Poor Darla was found on the side of the road somewhere in Indiana. A concerned passer by saw Darla and took her to the nearest Animal Control Facility. The facility had no room and no way to treat Darla’s injuries. A desperate call was sent out to area rescue’s to save Darla’s life. Magnificent Mutts … Continued

Kellar – Adopted 2012

This beautiful blind german shephard girl was left out in the cold, on a chain, and with no food. Neighbors grew more and more concerned as the temperature kept dropping. A concerned citizen even brought a doghouse to the property to help this poor soul. She was left alone, cold, and frightened. Her previous owner … Continued

Pongo – Adopted 2012

Meet Pongo, a beautiful German Shepherd who has been beated and tramatized by his previous owner. He has a protrusion eminating in the middle of his head from an old injury that has permentatley disformed his skull. His most recent beating has left additional wounds. In addition, he is heartworm positive and has a fungal … Continued

Clover – Adopted 2012

Clover is a feisty 1 year old female Yorkshire Terrier. She found herself in a cage at a kill shelter. Alone and scared, she also favored her hind leg. When examined more closely, it was discovered Clover could not put any weight on her hind leg. The shelter quickly approached a rescue to take her … Continued

Priya – Adopted 10-2012

Priya came to Magnificent Mutts Rescue with her brother Raj. After a few days of being in foster care, her foster mom Mary noticed she would get extremely tired after playing for only a short amount of time. Thankfully for Priya, her foster mom is also studying to become a vet tech. She knew that … Continued

Patrick – Adopted 11-2013

Patrick has the face of a fighter… NOT the face of a fighting dog, but of a sweet puppy with a strong fighting spirit, who is making his way from a life of despair and sickness to a life of hope and happiness. And this 5 month old boy is determined to complete his journey, … Continued