Rebel Update

Hi Wayne – Just wanted to let you know that Rebel is doing really well! I’ve renamed him Rowdy, and that seems to suit him very well! I had him to my vet last week to get his surgical staples removed; he checked out just fine. My vet believes that Rowdy was probably kept in … Continued

June 2015 Pets of the Month

This month we have a very special duo. These sisters are beautiful one year old Siamese mixes and they are looking for a forever home as a pair because they have always been with one another. They are ready for someone to give them a chance and let them move into their forever home. If … Continued

June 2015 Volunteer of the Month

Meet Dr. Pam Cuevas, Cat Vet extraordinaire! 1. What do you do for Magnificent Mutts Rescue? I do most of the exams on the cats that are accepted into the rescue.  If there are medical needs, I provide those.  If a cat or kitten in foster becomes ill, my staff and I provide the care … Continued

Cat Stats

Cat Stats In honor of our volunteer of the month, Dr. Cuevas, Magnificent Mutts would like to present some fun cat facts! Cats have only 473 taste buds, but humans have over 9,000! 20% of cats were adopted from a shelter. One unspayed female cat and her offspring can potentially produce 450.000 cats by the … Continued


Chula aka phantom is a dream dog. She’s learned so many tricks was house trained in a couple weeks and now loves everyone under the sun! She loves parties and eating ice cubes!


Hercule is almost 11 months now but it seems yesterday when we first adopted him at Hillside, last October. He’s a wonderful kitten…oopss, young cat I meant! He’s very sociable and he wants always to meet everyone who comes home. He likes to play a lot but also he loves to sleep and cuddle with … Continued