Zoey a/k/a Ester

Hi! I just want to give an update on Zoey (a/k/a Ester.) She’s absolutely loving life! From the minute she came through the door she’s made herself at home. She’s inquisitive and full of energy and never ceases to amaze me. I’m am forever thankful for letting me bring this little girl into my life. … Continued


Hi Marta, He seems quite happy. I’m not sure he can get any more active. lol He’s definitely warmed up to his new home and was bouncing off the walls this morning. He even jumped in the shower when I was getting out. He’s a lot of fun and snuggled with me for most of … Continued

Ana now Molly

Hi Courtenay, Just wanted to share a few pictures of Molly (Ana) and give you an update. She’s been in her new home a little over a month and we say all the time how lucky we were to get such a great puppy. She was left out of her crate (on accident) on her … Continued

Ebony aka Buttercup

7 weeks ago I fell in love with this face! Buttercup, now renamed Ebony, is the sweetest little girl. She knows that she’s very cute! I call her my Diva! Our first vet visit we only weighted 5lbs. Weeks later Ebony is now 16 lbs!! She is the most well mannered dog ever. She is … Continued


Hi everyone ! Just giving you an update on Shila. She’s turned into a real Velcro type dog – no matter how many times I get up to do things, she’s right behind me. Gets upset on days I can’t take her to work but she has Paul (husband) to keep her company since he’s … Continued