Hi there, My mom, Mary Jane Koch, adopted an adult terrier mix named Mitzi from you about 2 years ago. I just wanted to let you know that my mother passed away unexpectedly a few months ago. I brought Mitzi home to live with me and my pack of rescue dogs in Oregon. She has … Continued


Hi Wayne, Sadie has been the perfect girl, still getting used to us, I think she has adopted us as well. She follows me everywhere, I think I am a siamese twin. I just wanted to share with you how well she is adapting. She is coming out of her shell and showing the fun/happy … Continued

Molly May

We had just lost our little Sallie Girl about a month prior and her little sister Emmie was clearly missing her and missing someone to play with. Sallie was 12 and Emmie is 9. We knew we had room in our hearts and lives to add to our family and, like some kind of miracle, … Continued

Elmo on Instragram

Dear Annie, Elmo won (3rd place) a contest in instagram .. He won a bow tie, some food and giftcard . They just announced it yesterday. And he also got a new hairstyle… so handsome.

Happy Tail

Hi there! Joe and I just wanted to thank you all for allowing us to gain Addison (Kiz) as part of our family! She is so precious and Joe and I are having a blast with her. We wanted to share a few pictures with you, and to send our thanks again! We will be … Continued