Happy Tail

Hi Angie, I just wanted to thank you again for helping us with finding Rosalee and Lola. They are both doing very well in their new home. Rosalee loves to spend time in our windows and has really warmed up to our home. Lola is very playful and fun. She loves lots of attention and … Continued

Kelly aka Kellar Update Year 3!

To read Kelly’s whole story, please see Underdogs (Kellar), Happy Tails Feb. 2011, and Happy Tails Feb. 2013. This is Kelly’s 3rd year with us since her rescue and adoption! She is now a mountain dog and loving every minute of it. This summer, we made the 1000 mile trek to Colorado in a moving … Continued

Celtic – Hunter Si

We adopted Celtic, new name to us Hunter Si Mothers Day weekend. We had just lost our dog of 8 years to cancer and was looking for a new love. We’ll we found her or shall I say she found me. Hunter Si had the most beautiful eyes and was cute. When we saw her … Continued