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August 2014 Newsletter

This month we have three back to back adoption events at the Hillside Petco. The events will be on August 2, August 8 and August 16 from 11am to 2pm. Please stop by and support our Magnificent Mutts and Meows. We are also in dire need of foster homes so please consider fostering one of our wonderful dogs or cats until they can find their adoptive family. Be sure to check out our volunteers of the month and get to know a little bit more about our trip to Lebanon. All of this and more on the August Newsletter!

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Have you considered fostering?

Magnificent Mutts is in desperate need of foster homes for dogs and cats. How does fostering work? We provide the supplies and match you up with an animal that fits your life style and you just provide the love until that animal finds it's forever home. We know that fostering might sound hard but think of all the positive things that come from it! You help out an animal in need and at the same time help Magnificent Mutts by allowing us to rescue another animal from a kill shelter or the streets. Magnificent Mutts is a foster based rescue so without our fosters we would not be able to save all the animals we now do. Help us save more animals this year by fostering. If you already foster for us please spread the word. For more information about fostering please visit our website.

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Volunteers of the Month!

This month we chose Allison and Andrew to be our volunteers of the month! This magnificent duo foster, volunteer at events and even fundraise for Magnificent Mutts. Find out more about them by checking them out on the website.

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Adventures in Lebanon

This summer Tanya and I had the opportunity to volunteer and visit the headquarters of Animals Lebanon in Beirut, Lebanon. I was expecting to see their facilities, meet their staff and bring some dogs back to Magnificent Mutts Rescue. What I got in return was so much more.

First of all, let’s start out with some facts about animal rights in Lebanon.

There are none.

There are no laws in Lebanon that protect animals from inhumane treatment in zoos, cities or even in their own homes.

There are only two animal shelters in Lebanon. As hard as they try, the population of animals is constantly increasing due to the lack of knowledge about spaying and neutering and also due to the lack of resources. The different municipalities in Lebanon control the animal population by poisoning or shooting the animals on the streets. There is no real way to prosecute animal rights abuse or cruelty to animals because there are no laws in place.

That is where Animals Lebanon comes into play. Not only are they a non-for-profit,no kill rescue, they are also the group that is championing animal rights in the region by writing laws to protect animal welfare in every aspect not just for dogs and cats, but also for wildlife and animals that are meant for consumption. Tanya and I had a chance to see what the staff of Animals Lebanon go through whether it be lack of resources, lack of money and lack of volunteers or even lack foster homes. With everything that they experience on an everyday basis it would not be surprising if they grew jaded about some of the things that they see, but the opposite is actually the case. They know and truly care for every animal that is in the rescue. They can tell you each animal’s story and how they came to be at Animals Lebanon. They can tell you their personalities and quirky little stories of their adventures while at the shelter. The volunteers and staff at Animals Lebanon are the heart of the whole operation. They put forth so much energy, kindness and love and all they ask in return is for these wonderful animals to find loving forever homes.

Animals Lebanon not only deals with domestic animals, they have dealt with chimpanzees, lions, bears, hyenas, and tigers as well. They are truly inspirational but they need our help. Magnificent Mutts has a partnership with Animals Lebanon and agrees to bring over some of the dogs that would be near impossible to place in homes in Lebanon due to being larger breeds or mixed breeds. In the past, the Magnificent Meows team has also helped place some of their cats in loving homes and even partnered with vets here in the U.S. to provide emergency care for cats that needed surgery.

This time around we are planning on doing a supply drive for Animals Lebanon. The dates and supplies are still being ironed out but please keep an eye out for an email from us with more information. We will continue to partner with Animals Lebanon in order to help promote animal rights not only in the United States but also around the world! If you want to know more about Animals Lebanon, check out their Facebook page or their website . You can also meet some of the wonderful dogs we brought from Beirut at our next adoption event or you can check them out at our website as well.


We are a group of dedicated volunteers who provide love, hope, and a safe sanctuary to animals in need. Some of our volunteers transport, foster, feed, and train our rescued animals. Other volunteers help with organizing adoption events, paperwork, fundraising, creating flyers and various other marketing media to promote our organization. If you are interested in volunteering for Magnificent Mutts please visit our volunteer page.


Donating to Magnificent Mutts

There are several ways you can donate and help the animals of Magnificent Mutts. Some are monetary, but others may not. Remember, Magnificent Mutts is an all volunteer non-profit organization. We wouldn't be able to help all the animals we do without the support and kindness of people like you!

Donate via Animal Rescue Aid

To donate please visit "Donate Now" below and enter "Magnificent Mutts" in the shelter/rescue group field.

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Are You Ready to Adopt?

Adopting a dog or cat is a big commitment. We want to make sure our dogs and cats go to their forever homes and never have to look back. Please read the questions on our Adoption page and answer them honestly. These questions are designed to help you truly understand the commitment you are making to adopt a dog/cat.