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Puppy Supplies needed

Puppy Supplies

The Top 10 Benefits of Fostering

1) Fostering saves millions of cat's and dog's lives each year.
2) Fostering gives one-on-one attention to orphaned animals with trust issues that shelters otherwise would have to euthanize immediately.
3) Fostering allows animals to live in a home environment and become accustomed to typical sights, sounds, and smells rather than being confined to a cage.
4) Fostering allows the foster owner to get to know the animal and give potential adopters a better idea about its personality.
5) Fostering helps socialize shy animals.
6) Fostering helps shelters build their facilities as well as keep them staffed.
7) Fostering allows parents who want their kids to experience the miracle of birth to do so without adding to the pet population by fostering a pregnant queen.
8) Fostering animals provides short-term companions for seniors without the personal pet expenses.
9) Fostering gives you an opportunity to really get to know a cat before you make a long-term commitment.
10) Fostering allows you to have no out-of-pocket expenses. All you add is love!


We are a group of dedicated volunteers who provide love, hope, and a safe sanctuary to animals in need. Some of our volunteers transport, foster, feed, and train our rescued animals. Other volunteers help with organizing adoption events, paperwork, fundraising, creating flyers and various other marketing media to promote our organization. If you are interested in volunteering for Magnificent Mutts please visit our volunteer page.


Donating to Magnificent Mutts

There are several ways you can donate and help the animals of Magnificent Mutts. Some are monetary, but others may not. Remember, Magnificent Mutts is an all volunteer non-profit organization. We wouldn't be able to help all the animals we do without the support and kindness of people like you!

Donate via Animal Rescue Aid

To donate please visit "Donate Now" below and enter "Magnificent Mutts" in the shelter/rescue group field.

Donations Page

Are You Ready to Adopt?

Adopting a dog or cat is a big commitment. We want to make sure our dogs and cats go to their forever homes and never have to look back. Please read the questions on our Adoption page and answer them honestly. These questions are designed to help you truly understand the commitment you are making to adopt a dog/cat.